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THE BEE TEAM | 100% Organic Cotton Yellow Slogan T-Shirt

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If there's one team you should be on, it's the Bee Team. Say it loud and proud with our Th Bee Team yellow T-shirt.

Bee-lieve it or not, our little buzzy friends are an essential part of our eco-system, pollinating crops that form our food, and the food of our wildlife.

In the 1950's the UK had over 50 native species of bees, and now that is down to just 25. The decline of our native bees is a natural crisis, and if we lose them altogether, the results could well be catastrophic for humans, without them, we could lose up to a third of our diet.

Raise awareness about this growing problem with our The Bee Team 100% organic cotton tee, and help save our bees!

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