SUPER SORBET - No Kink Hair Ties

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Inspired by delicious summer sorbets, our No Kink 'Super Sorbet' hair ties are fresh and bright, and look as good in your hair as they do on your wrist!

The 'No Kink' Gym Hair Tie Collection by Hey! Holla, perfect for the gym as they leave no ding!

  • Snag Free Elastic Gym Hair Ties
  • No Kinks
  • No Dings
  • No Damage!

Perfect for the gym, yoga, dance class, running and more, you can tie your hair back safe in the knowledge that when you let it down it'll look just as fabulous as before (though perhaps a little sweatier!) And once you've finished with them, wear them on your wrist for a pop of colour! 

Having created a storm in the US, these hand-tied elastic hair ties look just as pretty on your wrist as they do in your hair ...and even better, they leave no kinks!

At last! You can pop your hair up for your workout and then let your tresses down again afterwards, safe in the knowledge that you hair do will be fine!

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A set of 5 hand-tied elastic hair ties

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