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Meet The Founders | Hey! Holla

Hey! Holla is a small independent fitness brand trying to make a difference. And when we mean small, we really do mean small! 

Hey! Holla Founders

In the words of Grover Washington Jr, it’s just the two of us, Alex & Laura, supported by our long suffering partners who chuck the occasional cup of tea at us to keep us going.

We started Hey! Holla, or a version of it, about 10 years ago from our shared flat in East London. We were feeling the need for a creative outlet and designed 4 reusable and ethically made tote bags to sell at local markets. 

One of those tote bags was inspired by our newly established weekend sweat-sessions… we’d recently decided to torture ourselves every Saturday morning, usually on a hangover, and check out all the new cool fitness studios popping up around our East London home.

We’d never really been interested in going to the traditional gym — pumping iron and running on treadmills for hours on end wasn’t our idea of fun — so we were super excited to hear about innovative studios like Frame who were paving the way for fun, feel good fitness that anyone could rock up and enjoy.

Cue Saturday mornings filled with pumping beats, questionable dance moves and endorphin induced highs. Ah, the memories...child, mortgage and responsibility free. Life was good! 

Anyway, we digress...the tote bag that we’re talking about was our eventual best selling ‘I am off to the gym, I am I am I am’ which immediately struck a cord with our small but growing female audience, who resonated with our view that a healthy balance of exercise and sofa time, green juice and burgers, detox and retox was the key to a happy and healthy life.

We went on to sell over 4000 of these bags and still sell them today! And it was this fitness inspired slogan that paved the way for our brand as it is today and pioneered the slogan gym gear trend in the UK.

Now we have a huge range of ethical and sustainable apparel and accessories, all featuring fun, fitness and wellness inspired slogans that are designed to lift you up, make you smile and motivate you to move.

We are still champions of sustainability. Despite weathering economic changes it’s really important to us to stick to our ethical and sustainable roots; we ensure we always use sustainably made organic or recycled materials and are proud to be able to boast ‘No sweatshops for our sweats’.

Our recent move to become a ‘no stock’ made-to-order brand was a direct response to the colossal amount of waste textiles that gets sent to landfills.

Our commitment to becoming a ‘Less Haste, Less Waste’ company by only making what you want and order has cemented our position as a sustainable brand that puts people and planet before profits.

Thanks for stopping by! We really appreciate your support.

Alex + Laura