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Welcome to Hey! Holla

We produce ethical and sustainable slogan sweatshirts, slogan gym tops and slogan t-shirts designed to make you smile! Learn all about our independent brand here...



Who is the Hey! Holla girl?

Hey! Holla fitness apparel is for the everyday health hustler, our fun slogan sweatshirts, tees and gym tops encourage you to enjoy yourselves, while motivating you to move in whatever way you choose. 

Find the tribe that fits your vibe. Fitness doesn't have to be about pounding a treadmill, we encourage you to find your own fit and get your sweat on in whatever way you enjoy.

Every BODY is BEAUTIFUL We aim to offer something for everyone, whatever your shape or size, with many of our designs available from XS to XXXL.

Train to your own tune. Mix it up, grab your mates, make it fun and go at your own pace to achieve YOUR personal best.

We are all health hustlers! Everyone was a beginner at one time, mindset makes believers, practice makes achievers. Positivity breeds positivity. Routine becomes lifestyle.

Be kind, look after your body and mind. You have one body, find nourishment through workouts, food, friends, learning, exploring, relaxation and meditation. Be nice to yourself and other people. Give yourself a break.

A little of what you fancy does you good. Be real. Do things that make you happy and never put yourself under pressure to live up to the shiny world of social media.

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Hey! Holla Eco Creds

No sweatshops for our sweats! Just ethically sourced, and sustainably produced Fair Wear certified apparel, designed to motivate you to move.

Sustainable, from raw materials to the finished product, our range of slogan sweatshirts, gymwear and t-shirts are sustainably made, using organic or recycled materials and produced  in a way that minimises negative environmental, social and economic impacts.

Ethically Produced. No sweatshops for our sweats, our garments are Certified Fair Wear meaning that our workers rights to a fair wage are upheld. Our factories are audited regularly to ensure commitments to better working conditions are upheld and safe working environments, and realistic targets and overtime are adhered to.

Vegan. The inks used for our slogans are vegan-friendly and our base garments are PETA Certified as 100% Vegan. For the animals, for the planet, for ourselves. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging. We're always striving to be as eco-friendly as possible and as such you won't find unnecessary extra packaging in your order. We have two types of mailing bag; you'll either receive your item in a paper postal mailing bag, manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certi­fica­tion. (The paper is both compostable and degradable, and paper mailers can be easily recycled). Or, a mailing bag made from 100% recycled materials.

Made to Order We now produce each and every item to order, in a bid to be a #LessHasteLessWaste company. Sure this means we can no longer offer a fast delivery, but we all know how much fast fashion is affecting our planet. Landfills stacked high with unsold clothes, factory workers barely surviving on meagre wages and horrendous conditions. You as a consumer can choose wisely, choose quality and choose to say no to the horrors of fast fashion.

For Planet and People, Not Profit. We strive to be a better brand, making choices that are not decided by the bottom line. When we started Hey! Holla, it was a little side project to keep us busy in our spare time, not a way to make a quick buck. Nothing has changed, we still believe that producing in a conscious way is more important that making an extra quid or two. Thank you for joining us on our mission to be one of the only ethical fitness brands out there.

The Hey! Holla Manifesto. You order, we create, we choose conscious consumerism, we choose to go around the corners not cut them, we choose to work with suppliers that have the environment at the forefront of everything they do, we choose to work with companies that put their workforce first, we choose slow fashion, created with care and made to last, we choose to spend more to bring you a premium, sustainable product that you will enjoy for years,  we chose to care, for now and for the future.