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Hey! Homies Covid-19 Charity Collection


The Hey! Holla charity collection of fun slogan sweatshirts and slogan t-shirts supports charities that help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

£10 from every sweatshirt and £5 from every t-shirt in the Hey! Homies range will go to will go to charities helping those who are in need of extra support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read about our chosen charities here.

Staying in is the new going out. We stay in for our elderly relatives, for those that are vulnerable, for NHS staff and careworkers and for our friends and family, to stop the spread of Covid-19.

2020 is about being at home. Working from home, home schooling, home workouts, slowing down, banana bread, booze, board games and puzzles, clapping for the NHS on Thursday nights, crafts with the kids, happy hour, date night in the kitchen, rainbows, TikToks, zoom calls and new rules, quizzes and Netflix. We're in this together.