Why booking a holiday is a great fitness motivator, with Zanna van Dijk of Girl Gains April 13 2017, 0 Comments

There's nothing like booking a holiday to focus the mind for fitness goals! Of course we all strive to be fit and healthy all year round, but it's proven that a set deadline acts as a serious motivator to help you create and stick to a routine, that even goes for the experts! Zanna van Dijk of GirlGains is heading out to the white isle with her Squad this summer and talks about her 'Ibiza Prep' (aka #IbizaShred !) in this video over on her YouTube channel. She'll be documenting the journey as part of a video series. so you can follow along over the coming weeks.

The plan follows the simple principals of consistency, portion control, being consciously aware of what you're putting into your body and moving more! Time to dust off that fitness tracker/step counter!

Zanna acknowledges that she loves her body just the way it is, but no matter who you are sometimes you need a set date to help you stay motivated and it's intriguing/exciting to see just what the body is capable of. 

psst. spoiler alert, if you want to know the workout plan it's Weights 3 x per week (upper, lower and full body) and Cardio classes x 2 times per week.

 Zanna is wearing the SQUAD Organic Cotton Blend Sweatshirt in Grey Marl / White, her book: STRONG: Over 80 Exercises and 40 Recipes For Achieving A Fit, Healthy and Balanced Body, is out now.