Serious fitness for seriously fit mummies, we talk to Charlie Launder of Bumps & Burpees March 30 2017, 0 Comments

Charlie Launder has proven herself to be a popular #FitMama expert, a fully trained PT specialising in pre and postnatal fitness, she also has a background in artistic gymnastics. Charlie has managed to carve a niche out for herself offering ‘serious fitness for seriously fit mummies'. The ‘Bumps and Burpees’ concept, has revolutionised how women think about fitness when they are expecting. 

Bumps & Burpees, a health and fitness hub dedicated to mums and mums-to-be located in West London's Lomax gym, was created as a fitness haven for women that want to maintain their health and fitness levels right the way through their pregnancy and beyond.

In fact, once your bundle of joy arrives you can keep training while Charlie looks after your little one, whether that means giving them a bottle, burp or nappy change, Charlie believes a nanny isn’t necessary and offers her services while you are being putting through your paces! There website encourages you to: "bring your baby to Bumps & Burpees, the go-to place in London for pre and post natal fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and a bit of friendly advice".

We catch up with Charlie on fitness during pregnancy, finding her own fit and her happy place.

Tell us the story of how you came up with the concept behind Bumps and Burpees?

The moment I started training mums, it became clear that juggling the busy schedule of motherhood meant that exercise slipped down the priority list. I grew up with a brother 16 years younger than me and did a lot of baby-sitting, so being fairly comfortable with small babies I encouraged my clients to bring their babies to their training sessions to overcome the childcare issues. I would look after the baby and train the mum at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. Once word got round, mums were referring their friends and before I knew it I found myself with a business.

Meeting Jonathan Lomax a few years later, we developed this idea further and created what is now Bumps & Burpees. We run out of Lomax gym in Chelsea, and clients now come to us the second they find out they're pregnant and stay with us all the way through. We have since added in nutrition, massage and Pilates to the mix and have wonderful sponsors such as Baby Bjorn so we can look after our clients’ needs at whatever stage they are in.

Charlie Launder Hey! Holla Blog QuoteHow often do you recommend a woman to exercise throughout her three trimesters of pregnancy?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this because everyone is so different. I would always recommend anyone to stay as active as possible throughout their pregnancy aiming for around 3 “activities” per week as a minimum. Whether that is swimming, Pilates, strength training, spinning or simply long walks is up to the individual. It really depends on the level of fitness before pregnancy so if someone came to me who was incredibly active and strong, training 5 times a week when they got pregnant I would be able to work with that client on maintaining a similar routine with a few adaptations here and there. On the other hand, a client coming to me who dabbled with a bit of yoga every now and then pre pregnancy would be on a totally different program.

There is no right or wrong, its just important to find what works for you.

What advice would you give to a new mum that really wants to get back into her fitness? When is the right time?

As with the previous answer it can vary hugely with each individual. If you have had a natural birth with no complications you should be ok to start exercising again after your 6 week checkup, however those who have a caesarian birth will have to wait a little longer to let the scaring heal - closer to 8-10 weeks.

Always seek the advice of a post-natal specialist when returning to exercise, even if you were confident exercising on you own before it is worth starting off on the right foot. They should check for abdominal separation and any weaknesses and start you off on the right program for you. in the case of abdominal separation (diastasis recti) there are exercises that should be avoided to help the healing process along so don't jump back into crunches thinking that’s the way to a flat stomach!

How do you #findyourownfit ?

I train and compete in artistic gymnastics so my training is slightly different to my clients and you can often find me upside down flipping around the gym. My training is a mixture of weights based strength training at Lomax Gym (4-5 hours a week), and gymnastics at East London Gym (4-8 hours a week) so it does take up a fair amount of time but it’s something I love and it is my release after a hard day at work.

Charlie Launder Bumps and Burpees

Where or what is your happy place?

My favourite place to switch off is on a beach listening to the sound of the sea… but as that is not readily available to me on a regular basis my second favourite place to switch off is gymnastics. It’s funny, as physically exhausting as it is, my mind cannot wander from what I am doing so it is a few hours where I rarely think about what is going on outside those walls and I love that.

When was your last cheat day and what did you eat?

I don’t actually have cheat days, I allow myself to have a fairly relaxed diet where I allow myself treats here and there throughout the week. As long as I am hitting my macros alongside the treats my body seems to respond well. I have to keep my calories fairly high on the days when I am at gymnastics for 4 hours at a time to keep my energy levels up so I don’t really need a cheat day as such however I do love a big spaghetti bolognese with lots of cheese when I am treating myself.

We love a slogan at Hey! Holla. If you could have a slogan that summed you up what would it be?

At bumps & burpees we use #thismumcan as we love to empower our mums and show them that no matter what is thrown their way they can do amazing things, and they do!!

I like to live by the #thisgirlcan slogan, mainly because I am stubborn and competitive and if something or someone tells me I can’t do something I most definitely will do it! Maybe not today or tomorrow, but I will work at it until I get there. That is what I love about gymnastics, the feeling you get when you finally nail a move after hundreds of attempts - it makes all the falls worth it!

Who are you following on social at the moment that is really inspiring and motivating you?

In the mum world I absolutely love @motherofdaughters I think she gives a very real account of motherhood. A mother juggling 4 kids and a job as a midwife plus many other things - gives no one an excuse really.

On a personal level I love @em_carey - she had a sky diving accident which was supposed to leave her unable to ever walk again and through the most positive attitude I have ever seen she is up and walking again and living life to the full. A daily inspiration to me!  

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