Top 10 Tips On How To Eat Healthy When You're Eating Out! February 13 2018, 0 Comments

Here at Hey! Holla we believe in balance... a little of what you fancy does you good! But there are of course times when you need, or want, to stick more rigidly to a healthy eating plan.  The hardest thing about sticking to it, is eating out... temptation is everywhere!
We asked Hey! Holla Brand Ambassador Jess McKee for her top ten tips on how to eat healthy when you're eating out!            
How To eat Healthy When You Eat Out
1. Make sure you aren't hungry - Often if people know they are going out for dinner/Lunch there is a tendency to 'save yourself for dinner' or restrict a little throughout the day. I would encourage you to eat as normal and you will be more likely to make 'head' decisions at the table then 'hunger' decisions ...
2. Hydrate - We can often mistake hydration for hunger so ensure you are well hydrated - drinking a pint of water before going to the restaurant can help top up those hydration levels
3. Avoid 'creamy' sauces/soups - tomato based sauces and marinades are usually of greater nutritional value and aren't as heavy
4. Fill up on veggies - Switching out fries/chips/potatoes for veggies would be a more nutritious and colourful option
5. Always eat your greens - I like to apply this to all meals, not just when eating out. Always ensure there is veggies or salad with your meal to boost the nutritional value
6. Notice How The Food Is Cooked - Picking 'boiled' 'poached' 'steamed' 'grilled' options will be less fatty then fried options.
7. Be Mindful of liquids - Remember that what you drink is just as relevant as what you eat. I would avoid sugary soft drinks - especially if they are refillable - as before you know it you have consumed 100s of grams of unnecessary sugar and empty calories.
8. Visualise - Sometimes those deep fried potato skins may make your mouth water, however if you really visualize the last time you ate something similar usually the aftermath isn't as delicious as the thought - it can sometimes, in reality, leave us feeling greasy and uncomfortable. Visualize how the food option really makes you feel.
9. Eat slowly and Mindfully - Really try to stay mindful and enjoy the taste, feel and smell of your food. Try not to consume it too quickly. Remaining mindful will also help you recognise the signs of overeating and not stopping when you are satisfied.
10. ENJOY! If you make the decision to order the chocolate cake for after then enjoy every single mouthful and respect your decision - there is nothing worse then treating yourself and then tainting the enjoyment with unnecessary guilt ... Enjoy enjoy enjoy
Jess x