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Strawberry Santa Hats... healthy Christmas canapés (well sort of)

Posted by Laura Reed on

These strawberry santa hats are so damn cute, they'll have the family reaching for fruit rather than the Quality Street. Wow your friends and family with this oh-so-simple recipe... plus they are super fun to make with the smaller members of your family. 

Strawberry Santa Hat Recipe | Healthy Canapes | Hey! Holla Blog


10 minutes on your own, or 30 minutes with kids ;)

What you need:

1 x punnet of strawberries
2 x bananas
1/2 bar of dark chocolate 
1 x bag mini marshmallows


Melt the chocolate (you'll have 1/2 a bar for later with your red wine ;))

  • To melt the chocolate, take two glass bowls which will fit inside one another.
  • Break the chocolate up into small pieces and put into one bowl.
  • In the other bowl pour in about an inch of boiling hot water.
  • Place the bowl with chocolate inside the one with boiling water, carefully making sure you don't displace the boiling water so much that it spills.
  • The chocolate will slowly start to melt, stir gently sporadically until melted.
  • Please note, don't be tempted to melt the chocolate in the microwave or a pan as this changes the chocolate :)

Whilst the chocolate is melting, prepare the fruit.

  • Wash the strawberries and slice off the top end. 
  • Slice the banana into straight slices,  around the thickness of two pound coins on top of each other. 

Now you're prepped and ready to build your santa hats! 

  • Lay the banana slices out onto the final serving dish / tray.
  • Place a small blob of chocolate in the middle of the underneath of the strawberry, then place the strawberry on a banana slice. When you add the strawberry the weight will spread the chocolate underneath. 
  • Take a marshmallow and dip into the chocolate and use it to stick onto the top of the strawberry. 
  • Let the chocolate dry and serve!

And that's it! Super simple healthy Christmas treats that can work at with fizz on arrivals, or with desert, or with teas and coffees later on...or just as treats for the kids.

You can also make a variation where you create Santa hat kebabs, just feed the fruit and marshmallow onto a kebab stick or cocktail stick.

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