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Anxiety Busting 'Self-Care Toolkit' #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Posted by Laura Reed on

We just love this idea from London yoga instructor Faith King... an anxiety busting 'Self-care Toolkit' to help you through these long lockdown days...and beyond.

How does it work? It's about selecting activities that re-charge your soul and your energy levels and making the most of your 'me-time'...and most importantly creating time and space to prioritise your mental and physical well being.

It's a strange time, some of you may be juggling jobs and kids and looking after elderly relatives. Others may be on lockdown on their own and feeling very lonely and isolated. And some may be feeling very uncertain in their jobs or with their businesses. There are so many different anxiety triggers right now, it may come and go like the weather but when it's here, it's good to have some coping mechanisms up your sleeve and this is where your toolkit comes in.

As the saying goes, you can't take care of others, until you take care of yourself. 

Faith: "When my anxiety kicks in, I go back to my list, what has slipped? What do I need to make time for? This list will continue to change and evolve as I do."

Which self-care tools would you put in your toolkit, to keep yourself feeling good...and anxiety at bay? 

Perhaps it's reading a good book, having less screen time, going for a bike ride, taking your favourite online class, going for a country walk or listening to a guided meditation app. It could also be as simple as having an early night, or putting your feet up for 10min every day and having a cuppa with no distractions.

The Hey! Holla girls, Laura and Alex have had a go at creating theirs...

The genius behind this simple coping technique is @faithkingyoga , she teaches accessible Vinyasa Flow classes, creating heat in the body with asana, but balancing that out with pranayama, meditation, mantra and music.

Catch one of Faith's fantastic classes online at POPfit Studio, a great way to keep up your yoga at home, we highly recommend!

Why not have a go at creating your own? Write it out, create your own self-care toolkit and then whenever you're feeling low or 'meh', pick a tool from your kit to help you feel good again!

And when you're done, we'd love to see them, tag @heyhollafitwear and @faithkingyoga on your instagram posts or stories and we'll share them, your ideas could inspire others!

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Happy + Healthy wishes,
Laura + Alex


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