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No More Excuses - 6 Exercise Excuses To Stop Making.

Posted by Sophie Hutchings on

It is a brand new year, full of brand new resolutions to get fit and healthy… but sometimes it is so easy to make up an excuse not to exercise. It’s raining, I’m too busy, I’m too tired, I have no-one to go with, I don’t know how to lift a weights. We have all used these excuses and heard others use them as well, but 2017 is the year we vow to stop making these lame excuses and get our bodies moving! Below we have pulled together some of the most commonly used excuses and ways to combat them for good.

#1 - I Don’t Know Where To Start.

Being a newbie can be daunting and not knowing where to start or what work out is best for you can be frustrating, but this is a great time to try new things. Pick out a couple of work outs you think you may enjoy, like a yoga class, a swimming session or even an online work out like Tone It Up. It is a great time to give things a go and find what works for you, because working out is not just about losing weight or getting fit but having fun and feeling great! 

#2 - I Don’t Have Enough Time.

Did you know that an hour long work out only takes up 4% of your day?? Or that there are some seriously cool work outs that last under 30 minutes? Not having enough time to work out is always a go to excuse for many of us, but squeezing in a quick work out will not take much planning at all! Why not pack your Hey! Holla gym bag ready to go for a morning workout or an after work yoga class? Or try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier for a quick at home work out, like Kayla Itsines’ “Bikini Body Guide”, which has tons of quick yet effective 30 minute work outs. You can always make time to move.

#3 - Exercising Is Boring.

It is only boring if you are not doing a work out you love! For me, cardio is boring so we find ways to mix it up, like with HIIT training. Working out does not have to be a chore; it can be fun and make you feel great about yourself. If you find yourself skipping the gym maybe it is time to switch it up, either by following a new gym routine or by trying a completely new work out. There are hundreds of different work outs you can try and one of them you are guaranteed to love and won’t find boring, find the fitness tribe to suit your vibe.

#4 - I’m Too Tired.

We all live a hectic life with a million and one things to do and it can be draining… but did you know that exercise actually helps fatigue? Research shows that even a short walk of 15 minutes can boost your energy levels and get your blood flowing. Opting for a walk or work out maybe even better for you then a nap. Exercise will help you feel less groggy, as fresh air and movement will help you feel more awake and energetic. So get moving and wake on up!

#5 - I Feel Intimidated.

We hear this excuse a lot from women of all ages, from feeling intimidated by guys in the gym or the weights room or by the fit, bendy chicks in your yoga class. Gymtimidation is often unspoken but very common, it's all about familiarity. If you are starting at a gym, we highly recommend getting a member of staff to give you an induction. It is so important that you know the right technique when in the gym as it can result in injury, but knowing how to perform the movements correctly will seriously boost your confidences in the gym regardless what size weight you are using or if there are guys around! Most people are just getting on with their work out and not focusing on other people. You will also be surprised how friendly some people can be if you need a helping hand. You can check out for videos and a run downs (by men and women!!) of different excises, this is a great place to see correct technique and find different moves to add to your session! If you can’t quite hold your Downward Dog or find your balance in Tree Pose, just remember that it is ok, everyone was beginners at some point and struggled just the same as you. Consistency and determination won’t only help your fitness levels improve but you will find that your confidence will grow and you no longer feel intimidated. It's true to say that dressing the part helps too, the old adage; 'Look good, feel good", so check out our tanks and tees and style up your workout!

#6 - I’m Not Feeling Motivated.

“Motivation” is all over the internet from #motivationalmonday to fit girl accounts showing their vegan friendly meals and rock hard abs. If you are a visual person, try creating a Tumblr or Pinterest account to save and share quotes, pictures, different work outs and recipes. You can also add your favourite YouTube work out videos to these sites as well now so you will never be short of inspiration and new ideas to try. However, sometimes Social Media just cannot quite motivate you to stop scrolling and actually getting going. Having a work out partner or someone who is expecting you to be at class will help you get your butt off the sofa, you can help motivate each other and push one another to reach your goals. Getting fit and health should be motivation enough but a lot of the time it just isn't. We have all been there but sometimes motivation is something you need to make for yourself. Your health is so important and once you are in the routine of exercise it just becomes a natural part of your life.

You can get 'exercise ready' whatever your favourite work out is with Hey! Holla. We hope you have enjoyed todays post; we would love to hear from you, come tweet us with your most used excuse or the one you are sick of hearing the most! 


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