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We catch up with...Madeleine Shaw aka Mama Glow!

Posted by Kelly Roberts on

To talk pregnancy friendly workouts, her kitchen 'must haves' and her happy place!

Mama Glow! Madeleine Shaw talks to Hey! Holla

When someone promises to "enliven the hottest, happiest, healthiest you", we say yes please! When that someone is Madeleine Shaw, who embodies her own promise, we're onboard! This is the philosophy of the hugely likeable, qualified nutritional health coach who started her blog back in 2013 and went on to become a best selling author with her debut 'nutritional bible and life changer' Get The Glow. Since then she has launched her Glow Guides app, an 8-week workout, meditation & meal plan and is about to release her second book 'A Year of Beautiful Eating', which you can pre-order now. If that wasn't enough, she recently announced that Baby Glow is on the way!

Madeleine's passion for good food began during her time in Sydney working at an organic cafe, it's there she picked up all the key tools she needed to source, prepare and cook great nutritious food. She credits this time working at the cafe and learning about the importance of getting back to basics with food, 'hunter gathering' and cooking from scratch, as the cure for her IBS and the inspiration for her career in the health industry. 

Madeleine has carved out a niche for herself as a fabulous health and wellbeing blogger and gastronomic #girlboss, showcasing her deliciously healthy recipes and mindful techniques to her loyal fans on social media who, like us, clearly adore her!

She's now in her second trimester, has moved to a beautiful new home with her boyfriend and is as busy as ever. We dive right in asking Madeleine our health and fitness questions and what she does to keep that gorgeous glow...

Massive congrats on your recent pregnancy news! So the first trimester is behind you, which for most is tough going. How have your eating habits changed now you are in a new phase?

I’m so happy that I can eat fruit again! That’s the biggest change. I find that I am much hungrier than I used to be but I tend to pick continuously during the day instead of meals. I’m still loving papaya.

Madeleine Shaw pregnancy yoga

What are your three go to items in your kitchen that you couldn’t live without?

My food processor, my spiralizer and a good set of knives. Food processors are great for whipping up soups, energy balls and pretty much any doughs for cakes and cookies, and a good set of knives are important, obviously!

What is your favourite super food and a delicious recipe that includes this?

Not technically a superfood but I absolutely love chia seeds, they are so versatile. I am obsessed with chia pots in all flavours, I use them making jams and chuck them in smoothies for that extra boost of nutrients.

When was your last cheat day? What did you eat?!

My birthday was last week and I ate a lot of cake. I also met up with loads of my girlfriends throughout the day so visited a lot of cafés and restaurants and ate a lot of yummy food!

How do you manage to switch off from the daily grind? Where is your happy place?

My lovely home on my sofa, I love to crash out in front of a box set, at the moment I’m watching Arrested Development and The OA which are amazing.

Madeleine Shaw Quote Kitche Must Haves

At Hey! Holla we believe that fitness doesn't have to be about pounding a treadmill, we encourage you to get your sweat on in whatever way you enjoy. With that in mind, how do you ‘Find your own fit?’

I’ve started doing pregnancy yoga, which is an alternative way of doing yoga. I am lovely learning the new moves and positions and feeling at one with Baby Glow.

What does your typical body and mind workout week look like? And how has that changed since becoming pregnant?

I’m doing much more low impact workouts, working mainly on strengthening my core and trying to do some meditation sessions every morning and night to really calm and re-centre myself.

As you know, we love a slogan at Hey! Holla. If you were one of our slogans, which one would you be?

Chia Leader for sure, it makes me feel so positive and like I want to break into a cheerleader dance!

Which women in health and fitness are inspiring and motivating you on social media right now?

Shona virtue is amazing so strong and inspiring. I also love Jules Oliver.

What do you have coming up in your health and fitness calendar that your fans can see you at?

I’ll be at Be:FIT London in April and Balance Festival in May and have loads of Book tour events coming up too.

What is one workout / sport / activity that you have always wanted to try, but have not yet got round to?

I’d love to get into rock climbing, I think I’ll wait to start that post baby!

Madeleine Shaw - Baby Glow on Board - Hey! Holla Blog

And lastly, how will you be celebrating Mother’s day?

I’m taking my wonderful mummy out for dinner at her favourite restaurant. Mum’s are the reason we are all here and so awesome! They deserve a lovely treat!

Madeleine Shaw's A YEAR OF BEAUTIFUL EATING is published by Orion Books in hardback & eBook on 20 April 2017, priced £20/£10.99.

Photography: Martin Poole, Emma Gutteridge


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