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Can Coffee Enhance Your Workout?

Posted by Laura Reed on

It appears so! The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism has tested this theory and discovered that athletes who drank caffeine pre-exercise burned about 15% more calories for three hours’ post-exercise! 

Whether you enjoy coffee, before or after the gym we have a range of quirky work out mugs that will have you sticking to your workout routine daily. 

Hey! Holla have teamed up with the experts at MS Mugs to create a range of fitspirational mugs. Keep yours at home, or on your desk at work, for that gentle, yet constant reminder to workout. ...some might call it guilt-tea lol! 

Hey! Holla Motivational Mugs

Have You Seen Our Hey! Holla Mugs?

Motivational Mugs to Get You Moving!

Quality Fine Bone China mugs, decorated in the UK, dishwasher resistant and suitable to pop in the microwave, here are a few of our faves...

Lattes and Pilates: Make your mornings great again with our Lattes and Pilates mug from McLaggan and Smith. This mug is perfect for those whose who kick start their day in the right way, lattes and pilates; both helping to improve your inner strength each morning in their own different, but equally important way! 

Drop It Like A Squat: A great gift for any friend or family member who literally lives in their leggings!

Oh You Do Run Run Run: Inspired by one of our favourite work out tunes, this cheery mug will get you both singing and running first thing on a Sunday morning. 

Ladies Who Lunge: Why not do both? Lunge then lunch, have the best of both worlds!
Pair your selection with a matching Hey! Holla gym bag to tote your gear to your workout, via the coffee house of course...and onto brunch.

Check out more designs from the entire range from £9.50 available from

Hey! Holla Mugs from MS Mugs



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