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Getting fit does not have to be an expensive or a timely task, there are so many workouts you can do for free in your living room! We wanted to share with you the pick our favourite YouTube channels to workout with. So here we are, over a week's worth of videos, everyhing from dance, to pilates, yoga and HIIT for you to #FindYourOwnFit...have fun with your fitness while these YouTube stars seriously kick your butt!

DANCE with....The Fitness Marshall

We defy you to have more fun in your living room than with Caleb Marshall, aka, The Fitness Marshall. This likeable chap from Indiana, invites you to 'sweat yourself sexy' through cardio hip-hop workouts to todays hottest songs, with his 'back up Bootys', Haley and Bria. The latest video is to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You. Ready? Get out of the shower and pull the curtain open (that's a move by the way!)

// Your Fitness Marshall Fit Kit: It's got to be the 'Dance Like Everybody's Watching' tote and Disco hair ties, obvs!


PILATES with..Cassey Ho - Blogilates

Cassey is the queen of happiness and motivation. As a qualified Pilates teacher, she created her own take on Pilates and put it to chart topping pop music, and the result? Blogilates; workouts that will make you burn but are surprisingly fun. Our favourites are the Plie Squat Challenge followed by the Rainbow Butt challenge, your butt will be sore for days! Cassey has over 3.5 million followers on YouTube and has a book, work out DVD's, her own fitness clothing range, hundreds of different work outs and recipes for you to try as well as a course, were you can now become a qualified POP Pilates Instructor. Cassey is a serious #GirlBoss and can get you feeling fit and strong, as Casey says, 'Train Like A Beast, Look Like A Beauty'

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FLOW AND MEDITATION with...Yoga With Adriene

Regardless of how long you have been practising yoga for, Adriene has a flow for everyone. From yoga for beginners, to flows for healing or even runners, The Yoga by Adriene channel has a number of unique flows, this YouTube channel is every yogi’s dreams. We love the flow as well as the backdrop to Adriene’s Ocean Flow, which has to be one of our favourites. Definitely give yoga a go, as it can truly relax your mind but strengthen your body. Namaste!

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HIIT with...Karena and Katrina, Tone It Up

These beach babes will kick your butt into shape! The Tone It Up girls have an incredible community and have a very successful food and work out guide, which sadly you have to pay for but on their YouTube channel they share some brilliant full workouts from HIIT to Yoga, most of their videos are set on the beach (just outside their office!!!). These girls are fun and down to earth, they love to drink wine and are even friends with one of the world’s most famous fitness stars - Jillian Michaels! Their whole body workouts are killer, we love their Total Body Tone Up and HIITy Bitty Bikini work out, give them ago as all you need to start is a set of small weights, a matt and some water!

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BECOME A VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL with...POPSUGAR Fitness is full of fun workouts like this one. If you like getting jiggy with your fitness then check out "The 25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout Celebs Use to Stay Toned" from Body by Simone. Apparently this is a fave of the Victoria's Secret models, now where did I leave those wings....

// Your POPSUGAR Fit Kit: Gym & Juice Tee, Ibizan Sunset No Kink hair ties and the super cute yet handy Fit Face pouch.


NAMASLAY with...Yoga by Candace

The author of Namaslay (love her already!) offers videos that are 15, 20, 30 and 60min long, so no matter how much time you have you can go with the flow! The Yoga by Candace YouTube channel also features a selection of 'yoga as therapy' videos for meditation or to help you through issues such as PMS or digestive problems, as well as a section to guide you through specific postures like 'how to do a form arm headstand'. Take your practice to the next level and with a new class every Tuesday, you can keep things fresh.

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HIIT with Clean Eating Alice

We love the pocket rocket that is Alice Liveing, author of The Body Bible, Feel Fit and Fabulous from the Inside Out. "A fit, healthy body - that's the best fashion statement", we couldn't agree more. She has some great HIIT workouts and YouTube videos list is growing all the time (including a recipe for some rather yummy cashew and goji berry protein balls), plus occasionally you might even catch a Facebook Live HIIT session from such locations as Dubai (jeal)!

// The Clean Eating Alice Fit Kit: HIIT SQUAD Organic tank, or Chia Leader Drop Armhole Tank, Mint Sweat Towel and Peppermint Dream Hair Ties


HIIT with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

We couldn't leave without mentioning everyone's favourite PT and man of the moment, The Body Coach. Possibly the hardest working guy in the London fitness scene right now, he deserves every inch of his success having given away free content for over two years before smashing records with his 'Lean in 15' book series (currently loving the Egg and Chorizo hash for brekkie!). We love him because he is 'real', we've been following his HIIT sessions since they were filmed in his Surbiton backyard,  he works out with you and is hurting when you're hurting (and sometimes he forgets a set, which we like ha!). He's into eating real food and big portions post workout not starvation, surviving on 'rabbit food' as he puts it. When he does a Facebook Live cook-a-long it's not staged with food in cute bowls and pots, he's grabbing bags of salad from the fridge, having to substitute items he couldn't find at the supermarket on the way and even using the microwave , just like we would. Thanks for the unwavering enthusiasm for fitness and eating well.. and your dedication to making it easy, can't wait to see what's next Joe! You can see The Body Coach live at Be:Fit London this April 28-30, Business Design Centre, London. 

// The Body Coach Fit Kit: HIIT SQUAD Organic tank, Aqua No Sweat towel, and to match our Aqua Baby No Kink hair ties.


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