Fit Squad Winner Amie meets...Carly Rowena for a PT sesh! August 23 2017, 0 Comments

At the beginning of the summer we ran a Pinterest competition, where we asked you to put together a board which represented your ideal fitness holiday.

We were blown away by the effort, not to mention inspired by all the amazing activities and places featured! The prize was a PT session with the one and only Carly Rowena, and the winner was Amie Cushion from Norfolk!

Here the lovely Amy takes us through her day with Carly! Thanks Amy :)

Carley Rowena

I discovered Hey Holla at Be:Fit London and just loved their sweatshirts (I purchased the ‘Brunch Bunch’ one) and loved the happy and healthy vibe of the brand.

When I saw the 'My Fit Holiday' Competition, I was so excited by the opportunity to win a Hey! Holla voucher AND have a PT session with Carly Rowena that set about making my Pinterest board right away!

My board featured scenery, running, HIIT circuits, hula hooping and a variety of healthy recipes. As well as song lyrics, as music is a massive part of fitness for me and gets me through runs, gym classes and long walks.

I was so, so excited to receive the tweet that I had won!! And so grateful and excited to hear from Carly herself (who contacted me from her honeymoon!) to arrange!

I spent my Hey! Holla voucher in a record of maybe ...5 minutes, after it was sent to me! (I had been gushing over the ‘Coconuts’ sweatshirt and ‘Warrior’ top the week before)... it was fate! I wore both for the session with Carly!

Like Carly, I’m originally from Norfolk, so we did the session there which tied in with a family visit. Carly emailed to ask me what areas I wanted to work on in the session and I mentioned some strength training, so she said she would put something fun together.

I was SO NERVOUS for the session for numerous reasons! I was worried about my level of fitness, falling on my face and a little nervous to be trained by Carly (who I had seen, but been scared to speak to at Be:Fit). Yep, that’s right, I’m an adult and was scared to meet another adult!

However, my shyness completely vanished … WHEN I SAW STEVEN! (Carly's totally adorable Frenchie!!)

Obviously, I was excited to see Carly but oh my goodness I couldn’t help but just dive to the floor to give him attention! That was it then, I was in full on chatty mode about dogs (poor Carly).

Carly gave me such a good workout which involved slight cardio but mainly strength and abs. She was so encouraging and if I said I wasn’t sure if I could do something, she just encouraged me and said “you can, I’m going to help you”.

Cue her pretty much lifting me up to do a pull-up (she said she didn’t but she most definitely did). 

She made me work with ropes and helped me progress my form with each set. She told me to have fun in the gym and showed me so many moves which I have now been practising in my own gym.

I now feel more confident to use equipment which I had just walked past before! 

I was also so grateful to receive some more Hey! Holla treats which was just beyond kind and unexpected. Everything is such lovely quality and I just love the fact that I now have a gorgeous gym bag which I haven’t seen anyone at my gym with. I've had compliments about my sweatshirt and top also.

Catch up drinks with Carly, after the session, was also just lovely. Not only was my session brilliant and varied, but she was also so easy to talk to. At one point I was explaining how the platforms such as her community and brands such as Hey! Holla do so much in connecting people who may find it hard to make ‘fitness friends’.

I also let her know I’m excited that my nieces and nephews are growing up in a fit world with people like her around.

Yes, it sounds a tad fangirl, but it’s TRUE.

We also spoke about Carly’s exciting plans and aspirations for her future. Whether you follow her social media presence meticulously or meet her in person for a few hours, you experience her immediate sincerity, amazing work ethic and her compassion for everyone at any level of fitness. I left feeling inspired and excited for her!

Thank you Hey! Holla for a fabulous prize in every aspect. Amie xx