Fit Squad Story: How This This Fit Mum Cycled Her Way Through Adversity June 09 2017, 0 Comments

When Nicola got in touch with Hey! Holla we were so in awe of her story we just had to share it with you. A 'Fit Mum', her tale is that of turning lemons into lemonade. How fitness can serve as a release when life throws you a tough hand and how determination and hard work in sport really can reward you both mentally and physically. What an inspiration! Over to Nicola...

Fit Squad Story Nicola Glibbery

Just over a year ago my life took a different path to the one I thought it was going on. I became a single mum, a role I never imagined myself in. With the support of amazing family and friends I stayed focused and positive that things would work out for the best.

Sport and fitness have always been my passion and when I was low, angry, lonely, lost I would find my release, my happy place at the gym, on my bike, running along the beach or walking with the dog (most of the time with a two year old in tow!).

Over the past year I took up competing in duathlons. In April 2016 I bought my first road bike and was instantly hooked. I was told that I had potential to be a strong duathlete and if I trained hard I could make it to the World Championships. I thought the idea was utterly ridiculous but not being one to turn down a challenge I trained hard over the winter. I juggled training around work and single parenting and with the help of great friends I put in all the training I could. So many days I wanted to quit – the constant guilt that I wasn’t spending enough time with my little boy Edward, the tiredness after 4 hour training sessions and 4:30am starts to fit a turbo session in before work really took their toll.

Well……it turns out the hard work, early mornings, mum-guilt, tiredness and aches and pains were all worth it…I qualified!! I still can’t quite believe it! I’m going to Canada this summer to represent Team GB!!!!

My training has been my drive, motivation and focus and I just hope I've inspired and motivated others to never give up, even when life throws you a bad hand.

I'm living proof to keep looking forward, stay positive and never give up. Focus on the future, don’t dwell on the past. Anything is possible if you set your heart on it.

Fit Squad Story Nicola Glibbery

Nicola Welham will be representing Team GB in the Duathlon at the World Championships in Penticton, BC, Canada, on August 19th. She has set up a crowdfunding page to help fund her Team GB dream. If you were inspired by her story, why not sponsor her! Just head over to her Just Giving page.