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We chat Yoga, with Faith King | Find the tribe that fits your vibe

Posted by Laura Reed on

 For this new blog series, we aim to highlight different ways of keeping your body and mind fit and healthy. We'll be showcasing different classes and styles of teaching, with the aim to help you 'find the tribe that fits your vibe'!

Faith King Yoga

We're kicking off our 'find the tribe that fits your vibe' series by focusing on yoga with Faith King.

You may remember Faith from her amazing 'Self-Care Tool kit' that we shared earlier in lockdown.

Faith’s grandmother was from the Chippewa Tribe on White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, and she brings that cultural background to the mat. Born in America but raised in Liverpool, when you take a yoga class with Faith you may be in for a treat with excerpts of Native American poetry alongside meditation, mantra and music.

Quickfire Questions with Faith King, Yoga...

What’s your jam? Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

What's your vibe? Spiritual and playful. My grandmother was Native American from the Chippewa Tribe in Minnesota. I bring this cultural and spiritual background into my teaching. I was raised in Liverpool in England, I also bring aspects of my upbringing and playful side into my teaching.

Why should someone incorporate yoga into their workout week? Taking time out for you, to truly check in with how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

3 reasons to try Yoga:

Yoga supports your:

1. Mental health (reduces stress, improves concentration)

2. Physical health (gaining strength, stamina, balance, improving posture)

3. Connecting into your spiritual self. If you want to be more flexible do gymnastics, if you want to lose weight do cardio ....if you want to have a regular practice to make you healthy in body, mind and spirit yoga.

Faith King yoga

What's your mantra to live by... or motivational saying you love: Ride the highs and be kind on the lows

Who’s your favourite female icon and why? I love Jameela Jamil and her i_weigh social media posts. She is committed and passionate about making a change in equal rights and making sure no one feels alone. I feel inspired and uplifted by her podcasts and social media.

What is your own personal 'self-care' routine? I have a self care 'tool kit' which changes and evolves as I do. It currently includes daily meditation (I am doing a 21 day meditation challenge with a group of women online), yoga (I prefer to practice first thing in the morning to set me up for the day), reading before bed, no phone or laptop at least one hour before bed, journal every day which includes a daily gratitude list and manifestations. But remind myself to show myself kindness and compassion if some days I don't get all my checklist done.

What is your ultimate food/drink treat? Cheese and wine favourite weekend treat. Proper cheese board with chutney, olives, posh crackers, grapes etc .... bliss!

What's your idea of a dream holiday? We live in London so it is about getting to the coast. I love being near the sea. We lived in Bermuda for three years so I have been totally blessed with that lifestyle but now miss it dearly.

In light of recent events, what do you/your studio do to address equality ...or what you plan to do? I became part of an International Yoga Fundraiser group, we raise money for Equality Justice initiative in support of Black Lives Matter. Our last event in June raised $4,000 in 24 hours, with 24 yoga teachers across the world supporting. We are currently planning our next event. The Black Lives Matter movement needs us all to change, change our actions, our silence, our tolerance, our beliefs, our support, our perspective, our education, our conversations and so much more. As a teacher, I have a role to play within the community I work with.

Describe anything you, or your studio, is doing that is environmentally conscious/for the planet I am blessed to be able to walk everywhere, no car, no transport. My kids have built up stamina and strength and can walk a long way! With the introduction of online studios and classes we are able to reduce our students' impact on the environment with no travel. I am currently supporting by co-creating and co-developing a new online studio 'The Bow Bungalow'. Looking at how we can make yoga more accessible and also reduce the impact on the environment by taking away the physical studio and travel for people. I have also taught yoga classes to support Extinction Rebellion, teaching from their beautiful community garden in Hackney. Supporting awareness with my own family, community and others. 

faith King Yoga

Workout with Faith...

  • Teaching for new online studio 'The Bow Bungalow', Thursdays at 6:30pm you can book via Mindbody.
  • Teaching Park Yoga at London Fields in East London (kid welcome) Tuesdays at 10:30am
  • Private sessions in East London
  • Coming soon...teaching for POPfit Method, online and London Fields.
Book Park Yoga and private sessions by messaging Faith on insta.

You'll also be able to find her back in the studio for class after the lockdown period, so keep your eyes peeled on her insta.

Let's get social...

Check out Faith on;

Instagram: @faithkingyoga


Find the Tribe that fits your vibe Blog Series:
The aim of this new blog series is to highlight our friends in the fitness, health & wellness space, in order to showcase a variety of different ways to work out and look after yourself. The objective is to be inspirational and motivational; at Hey! Holla we encourage you to keep fit and healthy in whatever way you enjoy and to 'find the tribe that fits your vibe'. We promote balance and working out to be happy and healthy, in mind and body. 



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