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BLACK LIVES MATTER | Learning About Racism with Hey! Holla

Posted by Alex Lee on

Black Lives Matter- Learning About Racism - Hey! Holla


Here at Hey! Holla we believe that it is time for change. What happened to George Floyd is beyond what a lot of us can understand. By us we mean white, privileged people. It's incomprehensible that our father, brother, cousin or son could die at the hands of the very people that are supposed to protect us.

Unfortunately this is not the case for those born with black skin. The systemic racism that is prevalent throughout the entire world means that tragedies like George Floyd are commonplace and unsurprising for our black communities.

As a business and individuals we are obviously aware and appalled at racism throughout history, but until this week, we admit that we were ignorant to the extent of the constant and ongoing systemic racism that still runs deep in our society today. Particularly in the US where Laura resides.

We very much doubt that if we, as white females, had gone into that shop and unwittingly tried to pay with a counterfeit note, we would have been treated the same way. Instead, we may have be given the benefit of the doubt and simply asked for an alternative form of payment.

Instead, George was held down with a knee to the neck until he was starved of oxygen and could no longer survive.

8min 46seconds with a knee on his neck.

5min 88seconds of ‘I can’t breathe’.

Then 2min 53seconds of silence.

In broad daylight.

In front of crowds of people.

With cameras pointed right at them.

What happens when the cameras aren’t there? 

We must open our eyes and act.

The time to be passive has gone. Enough is enough.

We as a brand have a duty to use our voice and we vow to change the narrative. We will learn, we will speak, we will shout and we will share what we find as much as we can on our small platform.

We'll be posting various content as and when we can throughout this weekend and beyond and would love for you to come along on our journey with us.

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