'Ask the PT' #HeyHollaFitChat with Frankie Holah May 31 2017, 0 Comments

We recently hosted our first Live Twitter Chat, which gave you a chance to ask our Brand Ambassador and PT Frankie Holah, any burning health and fitness related questions.

We had such a great reaction that we thought we'd pull together snapshot of what was discussed!

What's your advice on a quick healthy protein breakfast? Naomi Ambrose @namsambrose77

Frankie: Hey Naomi. I'm a BIG fan of scrambled eggs or if you're really short on time, pre boil & pop in the fridge - easy for on the go 

Hi, I'm built for stamina, not speed - how can I get faster when I run, swim, cycle etc? Freyathlon @freyathlon

F: Hey Freya. Try adding in some interval training to your sessions. i.e running at a faster pace for 80-100m then back to a jog...repeat throughout your run a couple of times a week to get used to more speed. It should start to feel easier after a while

I have friends with unused expensive gym memberships... what equipment do you really need to workout? Laura Monks‏ @laumonks

F: You need yourself & the world around you. A sofa for dips, stairs for sprints, benches for box jumps...be creative! It'll save you some serious pennies in the long run & you can select your own playlist!

I've been sitting down at my desk all day recently and I feel a bit meh - any tips, pulse? Kirstie Keeling @kirstie_keeling