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How to Support Each Other's Fitness Goals

Posted by Cate Bell on

Support each others fitness goals

If your significant other started 2016 with new and exciting fitness goals, we’ve got some unfortunate news for you. According to research carried out by Whitworths, you are the person most likely to lead them astray on their path to a better, healthier self. Nobody wants to be that guy (or girl) so we’ve got your back on this one. With lent having kicked off this month and renewed goals pledged left, right and centre, we thought a few of you might need a little refresher course. Here’s how you can be a totally supportive partner while your better half is on their journey to greatness.


If your S/O is serious about this, you should be too. Listen to them when they talk about where they want to go with their new adventure, and take their goals seriously - they’re making them for a reason. The last thing you should be doing when hearing about their aspirations is making jokes about a delicious delicious takeaway, they’re very unlikely to find it funny and it’s pretty unsupportive. Instead, make it clear that even though you’re not on the same path as them, you’ll be there for them throughout and help in any way you can. Thank us later for those extra brownie points.

Be an active encouragement

The minute you start to see a change in their body, their health or their attitude towards something (depending on which part of their life they’re working on), say something. It’ll make their day to know that their efforts are paying off. It’s harder to notice the small and gradual changes in oneself, so they might not even have seen a difference yet. Next time you see them batch cooking on a Sunday or getting home from the gym after a long shift at work, just say “I’m proud of you”, three little words that are likely to make a big impact.


Play along from time to time 

Couples fitness goals

We’re not suggesting that you give up everything that they are or join them on a dawn workout every single morning - and we’re guessing they’re not either - but you don’t have to go all the way to show that you’re on this journey with them. Maybe once a fortnight or so it might be nice to wake up with them when that alarm goes off, or don that apron and cook a healthy meal with them. You can make a date out of it - fitness can be fun, you know!


Be their reminder

This is the tricky one. If you’re partner has asked you for tough love, you’re gonna have to administer it. If you see them reaching for that snooze button, give them a shove. When they lust over the takeaway menu, remind them of their dedication to the cause so far. They need you!

Lead them not into temptation

This is the golden and unbreakable rule. Do not be this person. Don’t dance around with chocolate bars like a chorus member of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical, don’t make over the top moaning sounds when you tuck into a bowl of ice cream, don’t boast about your extra hour in bed this morning. The reason so many slip is because their other half straight up convinces them to. We repeat, do not be this person!

We hope this guide is a helping hand for fitness loving couples out there, don’t forget to send this to bae if they’re prone to leading you down the wrong path! Who has the worst influence on you when you’re trying to reach new healthy goals? Tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook - and make sure you’re following us on Instagram too!



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