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5 Tips For Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Cate Bell on

It's February, can you believe it? How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Resolutions are a great way to officially press “reset”, wave goodbye to the past 365 days and say hello to a shiny New Year. Unfortunately for most of us, we’re statistically very likely to have totally let ourselves down by the end of January. Yep, that’s right, we’re so bad at keeping resolutions that we don’t even last a month.

Sticking to New Year's Resolution

2016 will be different. We can do this, guys, you set those goals (whatever they may be) to make your life healthier and happier and dang it we’re going to help you stick to them.

Visual cues

We all process and use information in different ways, so visual cues might not work for everybody. If your resolution was based around weight or strength, though, pictures of your goals stuck in useful places around the house can be really helpful. If it’s based around finances and spending less money on new yoga leggings (ahem, no idea who might need to do that), perhaps a picture of a holiday destination you might be able to afford if you get your budgeting act together?

Tell your friends

There have been plenty of studies that show you’re way more likely to stick to a goal if you’ve told people about it. Giving up smoking? Tell your Mum, she’ll never let you off the hook if you don’t stick to your guns on that one. Promised yourself you’d get up and run every morning before work? Tell your best mate, maybe she’ll join you!

Give yourself distractions

You’re going to want to quit, this is something you just have to accept about the human brain. If you plan and prepare effectively though, this doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Whether it’s food cravings or lazy sundays that you’re trying to keep at bay, tell yourself exactly what you’ll do when the temptations come knocking.

Stick to your New Year's resolutions


Set intentions and reminders

This is where the digital age comes in real handy. Why not set a monthly reminder in your email calendar, nagging you to stay on track? Alarms on your phone and tracking progress on social media are also surefire ways to keep yourself going.

Cut yourself some slack

You’re human. If you fall off the wagon at some point, whatever that wagon may be, it’s OK. Just get up, dust yourself off and jump right back on again. You don’t have to do it perfectly, you don’t need a 10/10, a break in your streak doesn’t mean failure.

You got this.

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