Spotlight On Tabata: 5 Reasons to Go High Intensity September 13 2016, 0 Comments


Tabata training has been around for a while now, but industry experts predicted that it’s set to be a big old fitness trend in 2016, and they weren't wrong!  We thought we’d give you a few reasons to try it out.

Tabata Training

If you don’t already know, Tabata training is a series of HIIT workouts that last just four minutes - although many who partake in Tabata say they’re likely to be the most challenging four minutes of your day. You work your body hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, repeating 8 rounds. Many people will string together 3 or 4 Tabata workouts back to back including exercises like push-ups, squats, sprints, you get the idea..

Tabata increases your metabolic rate

Performing exercises at a high intensity means working your body super hard to catch up, keeping it burning fat for hours after the actual workout. Good news if you’re trying to discreetly dispose of those added Christmas pounds..

Tabata will save you a bunch of time

We’re all busy, we don’t always have one hour to spend at the hot new exercise class at the gym. Tabata training is a great way for busy ladies to get that heart pumping without dedicating too much of their day.  

Tabata is better for building muscle than longer workouts

It’s widely acknowledged that steady cardio appears to encourage muscle loss. With high intensity training like Tabata, because you’re working so hard for such a small amount of time, the opposite is true.

Tabata increases both aerobic and anaerobic capacities

Recent studies showed that those who underwent a Tabata sprint training session had their aerobic capacity increase over 14% and their anaerobic capacity increased by 28%, giving them more energy and stamina with a higher degree of resistance to continuous effort.

Tabata can be done wherever you feel like doing it

The magic of equipment-free workouts like Tabata? You can do them literally anywhere. Standing next to the washing machine with 10 minutes on the clock before the cycle finishes? Girl, get your Tabata on. Although that does presume that you wear your workout clothes 24/7, is that just us?

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