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2016 Health Food Trends

Posted by Cate Bell on

We’ve got the goss on all the foodie fads set to explode this year, so we thought it only fair to share them with you. Which ones do you think you’ll adopt in the next 12 months?

Camel Milk

It’s more than likely that this is going to be something of a non-starter, can you see camel milk suddenly being available in all the supermarkets by this time next year? Or even Waitrose, for that matter? Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at, explains that “camel’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals.” It’s certainly a far cry from the plant based milks that have been rocking the boat for a couple of years, I guess we’ll just have to watch this space..   

2016 Food Trends, Camel Milk


If you’re an avid reader of foodie news, you’ll know that the mainstream media has been insisting that we might need to start eating insects as a protein intake for months. So far, it’s come to nothing, the British public just aren’t interested in treating their daily diet like a bushtucker trial. Ella Alred, Nutritionist at, reckons that 2016 is the year of the cricket. She says “crickets are highly nutritious, and high in vitamins, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc and manganese”. I guess you can’t argue with that.


Turmeric has got to be one of the best kept secrets in the wonderful world of natural remedies. It’s got fantastic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and there’s always room for it in your diet. In some cultures, children are given a glass of milk mixed with turmeric if they feel a cold coming on, and many people vouch for it as a way to ward off minor illnesses. You can add turmeric to curries, tea, or even take it as a supplement.

2016 Food Trends, Turmeric


By far our favourite food trend, flexitarianism for the win! To be a flexitarian is essentially to be a non committal vegetarian. You eat mostly vegetarian meals, but the occasional chicken breast, fish fillet or maybe slice of roast beef at Christmas is fine. We love the way this encourages a more casual, less regimented approach to getting the country consuming less meat.

Ancient Grains

Although not technically a grain, quinoa started the ancient grain trend when it first soared to popularity way back when. This year though, there are some new kids on the block. Leading Nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville predicts that farro, teff, kamut and spelt will rise to the occasion throughout 2016. Just imagine the salad bowls, we can’t wait to see more ancient grains crop up across the food blogs and healthy delis this year!

2016 Food Trends, Lentils


Beans, lentils and peas, best friends of the vegan, are set to reach more of our plates this year. With iron, protein and fibre aplenty, pulses are an amazing way to feel fuller for longer without having to carb-load. If you don’t have time on your schedule for the arduous soaking, rinsing and cooking that legumes often require, you’ll be pleased to know that perfectly good pre-cooked vacuum packed lentils and beans are available in most supermarkets!

Which of these is your favourite 2016 food trend? Are you going to try any at home? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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