Spotlight on Yoga: 5 Reasons to Hop On The Mat January 16 2016, 0 Comments


Mindfulness has come out of the hippie zone and into the mainstream this year. Thanks to apps like Headspace and trends like adult colouring books, we’re all learning how great a little meditation, relaxation and perspective is for our mental and physical health.

Yoga is an amazing way of accessing the kind of meditative space your body and mind will benefit hugely from, and it just so happens to be a wonderful way to keep fit too. If we haven’t convinced you already, here are 5 great reasons to don your leggings and hop onto the mat.

Yoga makes you bendy

Flexibility is one of the enormous benefits of regular yoga practice. You’re likely to find in your first class that you can hardly touch your toes, let alone hold a bridge pose, but the beauty of yoga is that as you continue your journey, you’ll slowly begin to see big improvements. You’ll still be cartwheeling in your 70s if you keep your practise going!

Yoga improves your circulation

So many aspects of yoga are amazing for your circulation, in fact it’s widely thought of as one of the best ways to keep your blood flowing freely. Inversion poses like legs up the wall give blood circulation a gentle push towards the upper body, and when mixed in practise with standing postures, deep breathing and total relaxation, you’ve got yourself a recipe for tip top circulation.

Yoga will help you to sleep better

We can vouch for the power of yoga when it comes to better sleeping. The relaxation of the body and calming of the mind is the perfect way to drift into a slumber that will leave you feeling truly rested. For an amazing at-home practise before bed, we strongly urge you to check out Yoga with Adriene’s bed time sequence. Adriene is a wonderful yoga instructor who posts weekly videos, we’re a little bit in love with her - we reckon you will be too.

Yoga will improve your posture

The modern human being spends an awful lot of time hunched over a laptop or tensed up and staring at their smart phone, and this is bad news for your posture. Taking an hour a week - or, better still, 15-30 minutes a day - to stretch and check in with your body is an amazing way to rectify this and keep your spine fit as a fiddle.

Yoga will help you to find inner strength

Now for the part that some people - wrongly - dismiss as mumbo jumbo. If you practise yoga, and really allow your instructor to teach you the meditative side of the practise, you’ll unlock a little space in your mind that you really can revisit in times of stress. Yoga can genuinely give you access to a part of yourself that will keep you grounded when you need it most - don’t just take our word for it, give it a try!

Just can’t wait to hop on that mat now, can you? Don’t forget to pick up your YO!GA tote bag or Namaste tote bag to pack your gear into!