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Stick to Your Guns This Christmas With 5 Top Tips From Fitness Bloggers

Posted by Cate Bell on

Ah, Christmas, ‘tis the season to be jolly after five too many glasses of Prosecco and eating our weight in cheese and Quality Street! We all love a bit of indulgence in December, but overlooking our health and fitness goals for the entire festive season can leave us feeling more than a bit sluggish...not to mention leave us with a bigger uphill struggle come January!

 Healthy Christmas

So just how do you balance your mince pies and exercise and your wine and your workout? We asked some of our favourite health and fitness bloggers what their top tips are for keeping yourself on an even keel this Christmas party season, here’s what they had to say...


"Don’t let your work out schedule drop! You could try an at-home workout using equipment you can find around the house (from chairs to tin cans to stretchy bands), you'll feel better about indulging in that extra mince pie if you know you've broken a sweat that day!"

Sophie is the Head Trainer at The Fitology Way and the voice behind the blog. We love her post on fitness in the mainstream, we’re as elated as she is that fitness fever is gripping the nation.

Sophie’s top Hey! Holla pick: Drop It Like A Squat tote bag.


Make Newer, Healthier Traditions

"Make newer, healthier traditions! A bit of indulgence is normal at Christmas, but why not replace all that sitting around and eating with a fun and active tradition? I created the "Jingle Bell 5K" with my friends and family, and we've never looked back!"

Corey writes about health and fitness over on her blog Learning Patience. We love her post about her continuous glucose monitor, and really dig her helpful, open and informative approach to writing on the topic of her diabetes.

Corey’s top Hey! Holla pick: YOU DO RUN RUN Tote Bag


Set yourself some realistic goals!

"Set yourself some realistic goals! Christmas is a busy time of year. You're already juggling office parties and get-togethers with friends and family. If you try and fit 6 workouts a week in on top, you'll just burn out. Take a break and decide on some smaller weekly targets."

Beki blogs about getting sweaty and the struggles of asthma over at her aptly named website, Miss Wheezy. We want to high five her post about how important sports bras are, it’s so vital to keep the girls in check while exercising.

Beki’s top Hey! Holla pick: YOU DO RUN RUN Tote Bag


Have a strategy for festive drinking!

"Have a strategy for festive drinking! We all love a tipple or two at Christmas, but if you want to make sure you're avoiding dehydration (and a terrible hangover) then have a drink of water in between each alcoholic drink. It helps you pace yourself and keeps the headache at bay."

Hedi’s badass blog, Hedi Hearts wants you to fall in love with food again. We had to remind ourselves that it’s not cool to lick your computer screen when we saw her recipe for healthy peanut butter cups.

Hedi’s top Hey! Holla pick: Drop It Like A Squat Tote Bag


Be mindful when  you're eating!

"Be mindful when you're eating! If you're trying to avoid excessive weight gain and feeling rubbish post-Christmas, eat slowly and savour your food. That way, you'll be aware of how full you feel and you can stop once you feel satisfied."

Lucy is a keen swimmer and triathlete, and writes all about her adventures in health and fitness at Lucy Lunges. We love her post about how we can engage more women in triathlons - we’re with you on this one, Lucy!

Lucy’s top Hey! Holla pick: Swim When You’re Winning Tote Bag

We’re wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas from Hey! Holla HQ, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our festive antics!


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