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Bored of your fitness class? Switch it up!

Posted by Cate Bell on

One of the worst things we can do when it comes to our fitness regime is get stuck in a rut. If we get bored, we stop having fun, and when fitness stops being fun, we quickly lose motivation to get up off of the sofa and get to that workout.

If you've found yourself clockwatching through class recently, it's probably time to switch it up! It's also good for your bod to change your routine every now and then as those muscles get used to the same old drills, so you gotta challenge them to something new. We’ve compiled a list of 10 awesome sessions to try in London to re-stoke your fitness fire! 



Think you take your balance for granted? No? We didn’t either, but aquaphysical takes balance to a whole new level. It describes itself as a low-impact cross-training workout on water. If you get a bit wobbly on the yoga mat, you’ll definitely find yourself taking a plunge a few times on your first class - but that’s where the fun is! Classes are available at Golden Lane Sport and Leisure in the Barbican. 



BoomCycle provides a nightclub environment for the 'often feared and dreaded by many' spin class. The lights are low, the music is booming and the instructors have totally got your back. Classes are available in Shoreditch and Holborn studios - and they’re also a third of the Urban Tri which incorporates Yotopia and Sweatshop too! 

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If you can’t make it to BoomCycle, check out Psycle for a similar vibe. You can quickly book a class online and turn up to a high intensity, low impact bike workout. The gang at Psycle take their music pretty seriously, so expect to be impressed by their soundtracks while an instructor helps you strengthen that core. Classes are available at Canary Wharf and Mortimer Street.



If you’ve ever wondered how supermodels train, Skinny Bitch Collective is the way you’re going to find out. This is a fitness class for badass women looking to jump right out of their comfort zone and get to be a lean, mean, lady machine. With big names like Ellie Goulding and Mills off of MIC on their list of clients, these classes are always in demand so make sure you check the SBC website frequently for upcoming slots.



Hey Holla Blog Rave at Gym Box

Sometimes, we just can’t let go of the weekend, am I right? Lucky for us, there are rave workouts at Gym Box locations across London every Monday. Don your neon tutus, grab your glow sticks and head down to Rave at Gym Box.



Hulafit is a cheap and cheerful way to switch up your fitness class. Sessions start at £6 and they’re focused as much on the fun as they are on the fitness. Just by spinning a hoop around your hips you’ll be working on your coordination, building strength and burning calories. 


Hey Holla Blog Seen on Screen

Always wanted to dance exactly like Beyonce in the Single Ladies video? With Seen on Screen, you really can do just that. With three levels of dance classes ranging from workshops to superclasses, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit. It was described by Buzzfeed as London’s sassiest dance class, so get yourself down there! You can check out their timetable for info on locations and dance routines being worked on here.



Voga combines two of the greatest things ever invented: yoga and vogeuing (check out this video if you’re too young to know what vogueing is). Striking a pose whilst holding your asana makes for a really empowering workout, and exercising to an 80s soundtrack is about as fun as fitness gets. Check out their website for bookings!



We love the sound of Jump & Pump at Frame. If a workout involves a tiny trampoline and weights, we’re so there. This session will get you toning up, building strength and burning energy!



Zuu has been talked about all year as one of the zaniest new workout classes on the scene. The idea revolves around accessing your primal self and moving your body - quite literally - like a wild animal. You’re set to burn about 300 calories in one 20 minute session, so this class isn’t for the more easygoing gym-goer. Classes are available at Virgin Active gyms.


We hope we’ve inspired you to try something new. Have we missed your favourite fitness class? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


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