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4 AUDIO / PODCASTS TO LISTEN TO ABOUT RACISM | Learning About Racism with Hey! Holla

Posted by Laura Reed on

A mix of podcasts and other audio to listen to on the subject of racism...

3 Podcasts on Racism to Listen to Hey! Holla

British Perspective

1. Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo's emotional speech about George Floyd's death is just a short one, but it's well worth a listen. Had us in tears.

2. About Race with Renu Eddo-Lodge, Author of 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race'.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete #266 Layla F Saad: Doing The Anti-Racism Work, Author of 'Me and White Supremacy'.

US Perspective

4. 1619 by the New York times is amazing at explaining how the history of the US is intrinsically linked to slavery and the influence slavery had on all sorts of industries and social norms in the US today.




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