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Wearable Fitness Technology: Does It Make A Difference?

Posted by Cate Bell on



Wearable fitness technology (WFT) was tipped as one of 2016’s biggest health and fitness trends by pretty much everyone in the game. Now that the new year is well and truly in full swing (we’re almost a quarter of the way through, *gulps*), we figured it was time we had a chat with a few fitness fanatics about their experiences with this new phenomenon to explore its impact on the way they work out and stay healthy. The best people to talk to about anything trendy? Bloggers, duh.

The most popular makers of wearable fitness trackers are: Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Jawbone and more recently (since the launch of smartwatches) Microsoft and Apple are in the ring too.

The Ups

Going the extra mile

The most overwhelming response when people are asked about how monitoring their fitness using technology has changed their behaviour is based on step count. It seems that knowing how many steps you’ve taken set against the recommended daily amount (10,000) is a huge motivating factor in pushing yourself a little harder.

"I find myself even more motivated to get my steps in since using the FitBit - the dog is getting longer walks and sometimes I’ll skip the bus to hit my goal." - Mollie from

"I have a desk job and I've set my Jawbone to vibrate if I'm sat down for 45m during the day, which is a good excuse to get in some steps as I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water." Laura from


Sleeping better

As many WFT devices will monitor your sleeping pattern and feed information back to you about the health of your sleep cycle, a lot of people find that their sleep, over time, does begin to improve. A fair few people, like Tasica of, found that there was a correlation between their workouts and the quality of their sleep.

"I was sceptical of the Garmin when I first bought it, but it’s made such a difference to my dedication when it comes to fitness. Having the watch monitor my sleep has hugely improved my sleep routine too, drawing attention to the ways in which it needed work!" Terri from

Competing with yourself

Ladies are naturally pretty darn competitive, so when we’re given a piece of equipment that allows us to take that streak out on ourselves instead of innocent fellow gym goers and/or work colleagues, we make the most of it. Most WFT devices manage to turn fitness into a bit of a game, and this went down well with lots of you.

"Since using the FitBit Charge HR I walk absolutely everywhere to try and beat my step count from yesterday! I never knew I was this competitive until I started competing with myself…" - Kellie from

The Downs

Judging by the feedback we received, there was only really one down side to WFT: the novelty wearing off. Fashion and Frappes found that the need to charge her Jawbone constantly led her to eventually decreasing her use of it, and Tasica soon grew tired of the phone memory clogging tendencies of her Polar Watch.

Overall, it seems that wearable fitness tech really is rocking the world of the nation’s health and fitness lovers! What’s your take on it? We’d love to hear about your experiences, share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!



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