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Hey! Holla Brand Ambassador | Frankie Holah with Mantra

PT | Ante & Post Natal | Calisthenics Coach | Columnist | Blogger | Co-Founder Mum Powered

I'm a freelance personal trainer specializing in bodyweight training and calisthenics. My mission since taking the step into fitness has been to encourage and motivate people to step away from the crazy fads out there and to believe in themselves and their strengths....long term. Most importantly, I want to inspire more women to love their bodies wherever they are on their fitness journey; If I can give someone the confidence and tools to try something new, work on improving their form, or just simply start, then I am happy. It's all about a ripple effect of positive movement and positive messages!!

Hey! Holla Brand Ambassador | Frankie Holah Vibe Quote

Frankie’s Jam:  Bodyweight
Training & Calisthenics
Frankie’s ‘hood: Brixton... Brockwell Park. South London and Central.
Frankie’s  vibe: Helping women to believe in themselves and their strength on a daily basis... Building a Tribe of incredible women has been a huge highlight for me. They support
each other, celebrate each others achievements and outside of sessions they help to spread a healthy and positive message about fitness, health and long term love for your body!
Frankie’s  mantra:
These three quotes are my main training and girl boss mantras... 1. What if I fall, oh but my darling, what if you fly? 2. Be fu**ing brave 3. You've got this...


Bootcamp and PT sessions Join Frankie's tribe and train using your own bodyweight at Studio B in Brixton.  Contact Frankie for personal training sessions.

New mums can train with the MumPowered crew at Brockwell Park Wednesdays and Friday at 10.30am, come rain or shine, meet by the Lido. Contact for more information.


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